A short guide for eco-tourists – Rights and Duties

Ecotourism is "a way of responsible travel to natural areas, preserving the environment in which the local host community is directly involved in its development and in its management, and in which most of the benefits remain the same communities".
Here are the main Ecotourism activities :
• Trekking  into natural protected areas and  parks
• Equestrian Trails and cycling routes
• Bird Watching
• wildlife routes into natural parks and protected areas, on land and by the sea.
• Guided Diving in marine protected areas in order to study the wonder of biodiversity
• archaeological routes
• Food and wine tours within protected areas and natural parks.
• Educational activities aimed at the enhancement of the territory and of traditional economy
• ecological, cultural or religious (eg the itineraries of the Via Francigena) Routes for walking or cycling.


The Stradafacendo ... Stradagustando project, as part of the general program of the Lazio Region’s initiatives for consumers , aims to raise awareness of those often unknown opportunities to enjoy an environmentally sustainable tourism. Ecotourism can fully integrate the best

products and services offered by the territory, those products and services having Ecosustainability  applied to manufacturing or processing operations. So that tourists can fully enjoy the territory and its extraordinary  historical, cultural and natural beauty.
Maybe this will not be a mass tourism, but it is certainly aimed to provide positive experiences for both adult and child visitors. Responsible travel must build environmental and cultural awareness, and tourists should be fully educated and well informed about their rights and duties as consumers, using the Consumer’s Code not only as a law but also as an ordinary way to consider relationships between tour operator and tourist.
We’re starting a journey that takes place outside ordinary tourist routes, in order to make you discover the Lazio region through the provinces of  Roma, Frosinone and Latina, along the 3 main routes Appia, Casilina and Prenestina, following the ancient Via Francigena.